Stay and live experiences of the Mayan Culture

Stay in a Mayan Village with traditional Mayan houses. At the same time you can select activities that will allow you to learn even more about the Mayan Culture. Our Mayan Villages have been selected for their objectivity and quality.

Learn the secrets of the Mayan Culture!

Most popular Mayan Villages around Yucatan

Stay near the most attractive places

Near Archaeological Zones

  • During your stay in the Mayan villages, learn about the Mayan Culture.
  • Visit archaeological zones and there verify your learning.
  • Know the most important gods of the culture, numbering and symbology.
  • Practice basic language and correct pronunciation in the village and on tours.
  • Near blue Lagoons & Beaches

  • Enjoy blue Caribbean beaches and virgin blue lagoons such as Señor .
  • Learn about the history of the Mayan culture that settled near beaches like Tulum
  • Relaxing float in crystal clear water channels and hidden Mayan temples in the mangroves.
  • Stay in Mayan Villages and continue with your experience
  • In the Mayan Area

  • Stay in Mayan Villages located in the well-known "Zona Maya"
  • Know about the history of the caste war, told by descendants of the mayan warriors.
  • Learn and practice the original Mayan in an area that preserves ancestral customs,
  • Get to know the Mayan culture through its history and its local people

  • Cultural Activities in the Mayan Villages

    Fun experiences for you!, while engaging with Maya-speaking homestay families

    All-inclusive group packages in Mayan Villages

    Package that fits with your group's interests and goals

    Plan a trip with the help of local hosts from the "Zona Maya"

    Immerse yourself in Language and Mayan culture

    Edwin Valerio

    Mayan Villages in Zona Maya

    Stay in a Mayan Village near , Tihosuco, Tixcacal, Señor, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Chacchoben..

    Kumenoni Lira

    Mayan Villages in Yucatan

    Stay in a Mayan Village near Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Labna, Loltun, Kabah, Mayapan, Izamal.

    Angel Vera

    Mayan Villages in Riviera Maya

    Stay in a Mayan Village near Tulum, Bacalar, Punta Alen, Muyil, Cozumel and Riviera Maya.